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Trees, Bushes and More

Trees, Bushes and More.

Nothing adds beauty and value to your property quite like trees. Unfortunately, age, severe weather, insects and disease can take their toll and necessitate trimming or even removal of your trees. When your trees require professional trimming, pruning or removal, call TJ's Trees & More.

While removing trees from your property may be an unpleasant necessity, there are times when it becomes unavoidable in order to protect people, other trees or buildings. At TJ's Trees & More we understand that in most cases, our clients prefer to save their mature trees if possible and we offer expert advice and preservation services when possible including canopy reduction, cabling and bolting. If your trees are damaged or diseased beyond saving, or are otherwise threatening your home or place of business, we have the experience and the equipment to safely handle the removal of even the largest trees.

Whether you require preventative trimming, pruning or complete tree removal, our experienced, insured professionals guarantee your complete satisfaction.

We have a great team at TJ's Trees & More and we are ready to help! Whether it is a small tree trimming project around the house or a large commercial job that requires careful consideration to which trees can stay, we will work with you every step of the way. We are happy to visit you on your property to discuss your ideas and ours. We offer tree removal, tree trimming, tree pruning, stump grinding, lot clearing, wood chipping and wood delivery (full or half cord).

Trees, like every living thing, can suffer from diseases and damage that can shorten their life expectancy. In urban and suburban areas, trees are often chosen because of their rapid growth characteristics; however, these trees typically do not live as long as those that grow more slowly.

Trees that have suffered severe damage due to high winds, lightning strikes or insects, or are nearing the end of their life expectancy should be removed in order to protect people, buildings and other trees and vegetation.

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If the health of your trees is in question, our licensed and highly trained tree preservation and removal specialists can help you determine the best course of action depending on the age, location and physical condition of your trees.

We provide a wide variety of tree preservation and removal services.

Our specialties include: